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So sorry for not updating YouTube talent more frequently! I'm swamped with schoolwork and I'm having my language exam within a week, so I'm pretty busy at the moment. ^^;

Anyway! The vid I'm bringing to you this time is my all time favorite Charming-Emma vid. Make sure you check it out, it really melted my heart :aww:

this is what my story's about | charming & emma…
chaming by justascrapbook
Sorry for the late update! Lately I had a lot of work to do and forgot completely about YouTube talent. Yeah, well, now I'm here to do it ;)

This weeks video is not about the whole royal family, just Snow and Emma. This is one of my favorite fanvids about these two, I hope y'all like it :aww:

mary margaret & emma | and then you…
and then you by justascrapbook
Time for another great vid about the royal family everyone! I hope you all liked the previous one ;)
This video was made by MiSaDalinda4ever.

i'll be right beside you | the charmings (once upon a time)…
beside you by justascrapbook
So basically I thought about making blog entries featuring fanmade videos from Youtube. Let me know what you think! If you don't like it, I'll stop making them but if you do (and if you have any recommendations) I think I'll do this once a week or so.

been far away for far too long | royal family (once upon a time)
family by justascrapbook
Hello everyone!

zsorzset here, the founder of this group!

I'm happy to report that we are officially open, which means we have the group's icon, a few works in our folders and the first member! (Wow, big things, huh? ^^; But it's a start!;))

Anyways, if you're still not a member of this group and read this, feel free to join us! :highfive:

And if you just feel like adding a new piece of art to our gallery, that's ok too. :)

Have fun and if you have any questions/requests/things you'd want to change send me a note! :aww:

Your admin: :iconzsorzset:

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